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CRM & ERP Development

Any business objective is always to gain maximum profit. And, to gain maximum profit in your business, you always need to implement the right technology. There are two significant processes that help the growth of your complete business processes. These processes are enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) which just act as the backbone of your business by automating and supporting the overall business process. These processes can manage everything from bookkeeping to financial reports, from running payroll to recruitment, from sales to customer service management, and from projects to inventory management. And, if you are in manufacturing industry these processes can include your design, engineering, and supply as well.

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Leading Provider of ERP & CRM

With its amazing expertise in ERP & CRM development, Tekshapers is committed to deliver top-notch custom IT solution. Its highly experienced, advanced, and cross-functional team has successfully developed domain expertise in many fields.

No matter, whether it’s manufacturing, trading, banking, finance, trading, media, real estate, health industry, or any other sector, the solution provided by our experts are carefully designed to meet the varied needs of your business running for various industries all across the world.

ERP & CRM Solutions

The perfect ERP solutions are completely integrated with your enterprise system to bring great value to every functional area. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) you implement the way you do your business, so you will have ERP and CRM for any kind of business and organization.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is comprehensive solution which enables an organization to maintain the data of the customer. It is the simplest process for managing the company’s relation and interaction with the potential customer which help you to set a strong customer relationship by allowing you to make a better decision based on marketing data and real-time sales.